Love or Death

This series shows the stages of love of a young woman. From the first view, high mountains, deep rivers until the end of the relation. From: 'Crying for light', to 'In the sky with diamonds', 'Endless love', 'Swan light' to 'Freedom" again, January 2019

Model: the amazing Vikenzia model, Vicky, 

Location: studio Hala 11 in Prague.


THe Castle

Photo - event organised by Shoot Party ( Svetlana Frolikova). Models: Nalia, Andrea, Patrycja, Mathilde and Kate. Location is a castle in the Czech country side not far from Prague. Jan 2019

Red Heat

Studio shoot with Katia and Chiara, at Studi-O- in Amsterdam.

DEnisa in shapes

studio shoot with Denisa Strakova, Nov 2018. Denisa making shapes in her amazing way

Tillie & Ayla

studio shoot with Ayla & Tille at Visit the loft in Colchester