Boulevard of Dreams

Model: Riona, @riona.neve. 

Boudoir shoot at Boulevard Leopold, October 2018, Antwerp.

Roarie Yum

September 26, Roarie and I spend a day shooting and talking. This was maybe our 4th shoot, but Roarie surprises me everytime again. In the preshoot communication Roarie came up with a beautiful, modern architecture building in Amsterdam. Unfortunately this location appeared to be the palace of justice, so no building for controversial stuff. Later we went to an urbex, dance-rave location with amzing arty -grafity. We choosed some formal clothing to communicate with the locations.  Last stop was Dutch Kremlin. This last place is build / constructed by a local, self taught artist, who made exeptiomal buildings and sculptures. 

In these sets you see the amazing versatility of Roarie. something what amazes me everytime time. its such a pleasure to work with her. Next to this our converastions help me with creating these images.



new sets for the project: (MIxed ) Cultures. Model : Ddomini Location is the living room of friends, the masks, headdresses, jewellery is also from their collection Tribal art. 

Stronger, Stranger

Location shoot: AJA-JANE, outdoor, dunes, 

Inspired by the text at Aja's arm. I read 'stranger' but it said 'stronger'. For me it said all about the powerful modeling and peronality of Aja.

A day at the Island

During her stay in July 2018, Sylph Sia and I went for a trip to the island of Texel, about 1,5 hr from our house. From early morning to mid afternoon we visited several locations.

Chiara & Katia

studio shoot with Chiara & Katia in July 2018. From duo portrait to totals to striped ladies

Its all about love

Studio shoot with Tillie and Leon. A variety of sets in which they show there love, elegance, posing strength and power.