2020, my first yearbook as a magazine

My photography in 2020 is now available as a magazine, for sale at Blurb.nl go for: ben ernst. 56 Pages of my art nude photography. 15 models, shoots throughout the year, all over the world: remote shoots.

Shades of black

Remote shoot with Jacinta ( Jacinta art model) from Melbourne ( Australia) to Santpoort Zuid ( the Netherlands) Jacinta has Mediterrean background. After  many conversations about life, photography, loving eachother work, we succeeded in having a remote shoot together. We had a couple of problems, the time difference, technical issues and not too much time, but succeeded in a great collaboration. hopefully more collabs to come. the darkness is just the style, certainly not our way of life.

Amarutta, one with Nature

Remote shoot with Amarutta, art model. Outdoor shoot from the Ardeche (France) to the Netherlands. Amarutta is very lovely, felexible and full of enthusiasm. We made so many images of high quality. Many edits in BnW and Colour. Iam very happy with the results. We shot just after midday, because Amarutta expected a cold day, fortunately this didnt happen. 

Love or Lust

The painter and her model

Remote shoot from Prague to the Netherlands. Models: Vicky and Nici. Both very lovely, professonal and cooperative. great to work with. Shoot was organised by shootparty ( Prague), I was assisted by Svetlana Frolikova and Dan Hostetter.  Location was an artist's workplace. 

My concept was LOVE or LUST. It starts with a painter and the model. Model is seducing the painter and here the story begins. 

Images in colour and BnW. April 2021

who's in charge?

Remote shoot with Aurora ( @Poeticminx) and Mike Stacy. From Poznan (Poland) to Santpoort ( the Netherlands) Aurora is a model and Mike a photographer, they have a relation. Our concept was a role play: dominance versus submissive. I hope you see who is playing the dominant part.


Remote shoot with Ayla from her house and studio from the UK to the Netherlands. simple light, just outdoor light and for the studio set a single striplight. A very relaxed (for me) shoot , but also very productive.. 


Studio shoot with Paula in StudioSapphire in the Hague. Paulina arrived after a long bustrip from Poland, but after a shower she was in full shape. We only used available, daylight. Headpiece from 

Brodi & Merrique

Remote shoot with Brodi & Merrique (@theSudanOfficial, and, @ArteriqueHouse) in their house in Portland (US). Merrique and I worked several times together while she visited us. In Covid times it was impossible for them to travel, so here is a remote shoot we made together in Feb '21.

Gipsy Queen or Fallen Angel

Remote shoot with Chiara.Elisabetta, feb' 21. From the UK to the Netherlands. Cheryl is multitalented. For our shoot she made 3 sets, oriental/ gipsy atmosphere. She did the make up and was ofcourse the model. Because Cheryl is a photog too, she advised about light etc. Wonderful experience.

Welkom op mijn website. je vindt hier mijn fotografie, vnl art-nude fotografie vanaf 2012. Veel van mijn werk bevat dus naaktbeelden.

Welcome at my website. You will find here my photography from 2012until now, several aspects of art-nude photography. Much of my work contains nudity.


Ben Ernst.