expositie / exhibition

Sunset at Birdlings Flat.

Sometimes you are this happy to work with one of the most talented (art nude) models. Lucy (art model) and I met for the third time. always remote , also this time, at the New Zealand sunset and an early grey rise in the Netherlands. Getting up around 6 AM is not a problem, when you know its going to be a very special shoot. It looks like Lucy makes the sun smile. Next to talented, Lucy is beautiful, enthusiastic, full of ideas, working hard and full of joy. Together with Tristan she makes this shoot amazing and me very happy.

I think you have to agree with my words, when you see the results below. 

There is no Life without Love

shoot with beautiful Anna Venice at studio Mucha, daylight studio in Haarlem. Anna is a lovely, beautiful model, easy going. We made several series in different styles.

Octopus or Waternymph

Remote shoot with Cheryl again. this time we choose for a design of her friend Amanda, amazing stylist. The concept was Octopus. Amanda converted her bathroom in an underwaterwold and Cheryl fitted in easily. Great modeling and perfect assistance by Amanda. Last part Cheryl was a waternymph

Duo Sarah and Darren

Darren and I talked already a couple months about a male/ female duo shoot, also remote. Finally we found Sarah as model/ photographer and the Boardroom as studio. Now the complete team was TOP. Beginning of January we made this shoot happen. The concept has 3 parts: the gentlemen, the nudes and Surprise. In my opinion a great shoot with top models at a top location. 



Minh-Ly is living partly in a wonderful vintage designed apartment in Antwerp. We met here for our fourth shoot together. Last time was a couple of years ago. We had decided before to use some of her wonderful wardrobe, kimonos to achieve a vintage Asian atmosphere and change during the shoot towards art nude. Minh -Ly showed her amazing versatile possibilities, to create many styles. Have a look yourself.

The Hallway

Again a remoteshoot with Naya. This time in a simple hallway with arches that form a nice background. I was assisted by Yuri Brut. Most of the images are in colour, Naya in lingerie. Some of the edits are converted in BnW.

We finished our shoot with a few expressive portraits.


Since long Sarah Fauna was a model I wanted to work with. She is a very busy organiser of themed photo events. So when she planned a work/ holiday time at Lanzarote, I got the opportunity to have a remote shoot with Sarah. She was staying at a beautiful, luxurious villa with lot of different shoot possibilities. 


The shoot with Silvy was in a studio used for acrobatic training for circus and shows (bewegingstheater Corpus). It is in a large building used by all kind of artist, sculptors, painters etc. I could use some of the equipment used by the acrobats for their performances. its also the first time I used a Fresnel light , to give the photo's a more theatrical look. For the portraits I tried to achieve a more sixties Hollywood style.

My Boudoir ( Published in Magnifique Magazine)

Remote shoot with the beautiful and lovely Nadia, in this wonderful location. I was  assisted by Yuri Brut , who made this shoot possible. its always a pleasyre to work together

Our House

These are the results of the shoot with beautiful, versatile Anna (@annanigriv) I was lucky enough she was home, living close to Amsterdam, but often on the road. Location is a house of friends in Amsterdam. It was a pleasure to work with Anna, easy going, posing in a lot of different styles. 

Welkom op mijn website. je vindt hier mijn fotografie, vnl art-nude fotografie vanaf 2012. Veel van mijn werk bevat dus naaktbeelden.

Welcome at my website. You will find here my photography from 2012until now, several aspects of art-nude photography. Much of my work contains nudity.


Ben Ernst.