Silent songs

Studioshoot with Minh-Ly in studio 13, Amsterdam. A variety of sets, that shows Minh-Ly's versatile posing styles. From innocent, introspective girl, towards flower birds ( my interpretation) fashion nudes, birthday gift, classic nudes, to the last light in purple. While  editing I also tried a few different edit styles, with different succes. Many images also in B&W.  Anyway a very creative and productive studio session.

The dancer or the painter's model

Remote and Daylight shoot in a wonderful painters studio in Moscow. Modeling is the beautiful, lovely Naya Mamedova. Naya acted as a ballerina towards a model for a painter. We were assisted by Yuri brut, one of a kind photographer and organiser. 

The wall, the chair, the fabric and.... Fanny

Daylight studio shoot with Fanny in Amsterdam (studio 13) . Fanny is as flexible and elegant as always.

Between Light and Heaven

Studio shoot with the wonderful Ana (@anato_mo). We worked before and I thought to know what I could expect, but I got much more. Everything goes in a flow, Ana is full of elegance, beauty and also very versatile: from fashion to art nude. It was a morning that brought so much energy and fun. We created so many beauties. Just have a look

The Myth of Lilith

The daylight studio shoot in Amsterdam was more special afterwards than I thought in the beginning. Lilith is a special model with a special name. You google the mistery and myth of Lilith  (Adams first wife and a feminist icon) and will hopefully have a different look at some of the images

River deep, Mountain high

After two times a remote shoot we managed to do a 1-1 in person shoot in September in the Ardeche, close to the village of: Vogue. Model is @Amarutta artmodel who lives here. We walked the river, climbd the rocks and found a few wonderful nature spots.

Moulin Rouge

Concept and starting point for this shoot was Moulin Rouge, the musical/ movie with Nicole Kidman. The combination of the wonderful and lovely Ivory Flame with the location ( Boulevard Leopold) brings us back to the art deco period. For me every comes together in this shoot

Love me and Leave

Remote shoot with great models: Aleksandra and Julia ( from Poland) . Location is an abondoned factory in Prague. Location search, organiser of the shoot and assisting with the shoot : Svetlana Frolikova and Lionel Duval(@shootparty) a real European collaboration.


Location shoot with the wonderful, lovely, creative Cecile or Yuqi or @thepolecat. who is who? She is it all. She is showing her diversity at this shoot at Hembrugterrein (Zaandam) The location is an abandoned ammunition factory for the Dutch army converted in an Art spot, creative small businesses and horeca.

Nadia: Miss Moscow

Remote shoot with lovely and beautiful Nadia ( @nadesha germanov) from Moscow to NL. Yuri Brut was the 'assistant' who organised the wonderful location. worked with the camera and much more.

Photoshootawards 2021

In the photoshootawards 2021 several images of me were awarded as Finalist or received a Merit:

3 Finalist : from a nature/ remote shoot with Lucy artmodel, Poppyseeddancer and a studio shoot with Noa (the model) and Schattentanzeule.

Merits for a duet shoot with Valentina and Yuri, nature remote shoot with Icelandselkie and Poppyseeddancer and an emotion series with Natasha J Bella

Welkom op mijn website. je vindt hier mijn fotografie, vnl art-nude fotografie vanaf 2012. Veel van mijn werk bevat dus naaktbeelden.

Welcome at my website. You will find here my photography from 2012until now, several aspects of art-nude photography. Much of my work contains nudity.


Ben Ernst.