Clara, sun and beauty

Outdoor shoot with Clara (@Clararene_ ) during the costablanca event in April. Clara was on my bucket list for a long time, always wanted to work with her and now I got the opportunity. Outdoor, so play with light and shadow. With this great person(ality )it was hard to choose what images. So I made many edits in color and BnW, to cover Clara's and to catch her special beauty.

The Lady in her Mansion

Shoot with Olga, organiser and also modelling at the Costa Blanca event (@costablanca.event) because of the chilly and a bit rainy weather we had our shoot inside, in the beautiful mansion.

Laetitia, ballet and flexibility

At the Cost blanca event I had the opportunity to shoot with Laetitia. She is famous about her beautiful ballet poses, flexible and acrobatic. Great body shapes and very professional. Laetitia is showing all her capabilities again.

Shira, encore

A month later another shoot with Shira. We met in Altea, at an event organised by @costablanca events (Olga). 3 days of shooting with amazing models at a wonderful location. The first morning shoot in beautiful weather was with Shira, ballet style elegance in a lush environment.

Lovely Amedea in a wonderful studio

This are the results of the shoot with Amedea (@amedea_model). I wanted to work with Amedea for a long time. She travels a lot but unfortunately just once a year to NL.  So I was happy I could organise a shoot with this lovely personality and great model. And get the opportunity to work in this large ,beautiful daylight studio over 2 floors with loads of possibilities and sets.

Behind the Scenes

In this behind the scenes you can follow @amedea-model and me in a shoot at Fraai studio ( in Haarlem. Images and videos are made by Sonia (owner of the studio) At the images you see how I (like to) work. The studio is amazing, has wonderful light, is huge , situated at 2 floors. It was my first time here, but you feel so welcome in a great ambiance.

For the results of the shoot with amazing, lovely Amedea, please be patient.


For more info go to the studio's website. 


Elegance in Art Deco style

Shoot with elegant Shira (@shira.nuballet) at the gold room of Boulevard Leopold in Antwerp. In my opinion the beauty and elegance of Shira fits perfectly in the Art Deco style of this wonderful location. See and judge yourself. Edits in colour, BnW and wet plate style. 

Versatile Silvy

Silvy (@Silvy_Sirius) and I planned a few times a shoot, however Covid made it impossible. I met Silvy the first a couple of years ago. I followed her work and saw her development as a model. She is very versatile and fits in many styles. In this indoor/ outdoor shoot you see Silvy easily and flexibel, moving between fashion , portraits and art nude. 


Manya Muse and I met for the first time, at her first travel to the Netherlands. She stayed in our house and the next day we went together to a friends house, with lots of space, light and art. we played with instruments, flowers and jewellery. After the edits I thought the term RITUALS discribes best the style, atmosphere and feeling of the shoot. I edited several images in different style to get a different atmosphere

The Painted Girl

Stusdio shoor with Noa (@Noathemodel) at Studio 13 (wetstudio) in Amsterdam.  The camera followed Noa in painting herself to transform in a colourful artpiece. The shoot ended under the raining shower. The shoot went in a flow.

All about Art

Mariette (@Phylactere on the road) and I know each other for years. We didnt have that many shoots together, there is the distance between our living place (Canada and the Netherlands). The shoots we made together are always very special, because of Mariettes creativity, her posing elegance and personality. also we did shoot at special locations.  Our collaboration always bring up the best in me. We enjoy eachother ideas, the shoot goes in a flow. Mariette was/ is on a family visit in Paris, so at her invitation I went by nightbus to meet her. We were ouside in the park near her family house and in the lovely/ arty decorated interior. below are the results.

Welkom op mijn website. je vindt hier mijn fotografie, vnl art-nude fotografie vanaf 2012. Veel van mijn werk bevat dus naaktbeelden.

Welcome at my website. You will find here my photography from 2012until now, several aspects of art-nude photography. Much of my work contains nudity.


Ben Ernst.