An Icelandic Selkie, Fairy, Princess

During our travel in Iceland I was so lucky to have a shooting day with Svala. (@Icelandicselkie) next to a model she is also a wonderful guide and historian. We met at Stykkisholmur at the Snaefellsnes Peninsula. We traveled the peninsula with our camper, Svala had chosen a number of extra ordinary locations. Sometimes just at the roadside (road nr 1), but most times a few kilometers away. A full day of amazing landscapes, shooting possibilities.

You see the results below, we made a lot of amazing images (in my opinion). Svala was fitting in the wonderful un-earthy surroundings, with wonderful poses, full of elegance. She dived in ice cold water, standing in sea waves and on rocks.

Wish you a good time, watching more than 100 images in colour and BnW. It was often too hard to chose and make a selection.

Emma, the old greenhouse

This time I took Emma to an old greenhouse, converted in a wonderful vintage studio. The place gave us a lot of opportunities. With the creativity and posing qualities of Emma we created a wonderful atmosphere. And Emma brought Henk too. Have a look.

Home Sweet Home

Using our house for a location was totally a coincidence. The owner of the location I had planned to shoot , totally forgot the appointment, so we had to go for a replacement: our house. Olive and I took a tour through the house and we selected some spots. Think it was not a bad replacement. Olives colours are matching the colours in our house: have a look.

From Kinky to Arty

Duo Shoot with Chrystall and Regina at my favo location: Boulevard Leopold in Antwerp.. We start with a more kinky style and finished with art nude. as always in colour and BnW.

Dark Queen, Golden Godess

Again a remote shoot, this time with the lovely, beautiful Naya Mamedova (@art_of-naya) . Location is a wonderful dark studio with a lot of candles and golden ornaments. I asked Naya to act the dark sides of a personality, to show the dark beauty.

The camera 'assistant' was Yuri Brut.

Light on Elena

Last week Elena ( Nausicaa Yami) and I worked together for the second time. the first time we had some communication problems, because of my misunderstandings.

Now I got a proper experience with this lovely, beautiful, very professional model. Everything went smooth: from the first pre shoot contact, communication before, during and after the shoot. Its such a pleasure to work with Elena. she is easy going, perfect posing skills, adding small details to my ideas. In this way we were very productive with (in my opinion) wonderful results. many images in colour and BnW, because my editing. Altough this time I prefer most of the time BnW. The studio ( Studio Mucha in Haarlem) was also great, great light coming through the windows, lots of space, many props. 

Below you will see a lot of images, results of a very pleasant collaboration. BTW, still more to come)

Noa in Color

This shoot with Noa (@noa.the model) was in a daylight studio in the centre of Breukelen ( Brooklyn is called after this little city). It is a very colourful place, totally different from last time I was here. 

Although Noa is still young she is a wonderful, creative andexperienced model and photographer. its a great pleasure to work together and make a variety of images: from portrait, to lingerie to nudes.


Sienna Hayes and I met the first time in 2016 when she was touring Europa. Sienna stayed with us, we had a wonderful shoot. Sienna in a pond filled with lilies and at the beach in a starting storm. Now after too many years we met again, remote. Sienna had rented a beautiful, colonial house in Merida (Mexico) with many Arabic influences. This early morning shoot with the wonderful model in this extra ordinary location gave the results you see below. Sienna is still the beautiful , professional model, she was some years ago. 

Fleur du Mal

Here are the results of my second shoot with Angelina. its again a remote shoot , but with the assistance of Burzum photography ( much more than jut an assistant) and with the professionalism of Angelina, everything went very smooth. we had a great pre shoot communication, so Angelina had all wardrobe, lingerie and props available. In 2 hrs we went from portrait, to half bodies, to glamour to (erotic) nudes and back to portrait. I edited many in colour and BnW.

Sunset at Birdlings Flat.

Sometimes you are this happy to work with one of the most talented (art nude) models. Lucy (art model) and I met for the third time. always remote , also this time, at the New Zealand sunset and an early grey rise in the Netherlands. Getting up around 6 AM is not a problem, when you know its going to be a very special shoot. It looks like Lucy makes the sun smile. Next to talented, Lucy is beautiful, enthusiastic, full of ideas, working hard and full of joy. Together with Tristan she makes this shoot amazing and me very happy.

I think you have to agree with my words, when you see the results below. 

Welkom op mijn website. je vindt hier mijn fotografie, vnl art-nude fotografie vanaf 2012. Veel van mijn werk bevat dus naaktbeelden.

Welcome at my website. You will find here my photography from 2012 until now, several aspects of art-nude photography. Much of my work contains nudity.


Ben Ernst.