Our House

Lou (ise) and I had an outdoor shoot planned, however Dutch summer is not predictable. So we had to find an indoor location/studio at the last moment. This is my first shoot in our house for years. I was surprised by the possibilities of the rooms. See the results below

Beauty in an Artspace

For this shoot Tezz and I visited this wonderful art garden , artist construction. It is called het Kleine Kremlin ( the little Kremlin) built by a local artist. It was a rainy September, morning so we were limited to shoot indoor. Tezz made this shoot special by her ' wild beauty'.

l' Atelier

Laurier. design is a former workspace where gipsum ornaments and statues were made for antique interiors. Now its also for rent for private photoshoots and small workshops. It has several indoor spaces and a patio. Images you see below are made at a workshop organised by Artphotoprojects. Coach/ trainer was Dan Hecho. Models were Shira, Olga and Anna, Anastasia ( as a duo) A wonderful day with some theoretical info by Dan and shoots with 4 amazing models. Last addition is some images of the modeling group.

The Only One, in Black and White

Studio shoot with Olga Danilova, @the_Only_One. Images are made in a daylight studio , I also used sometimes a flash via an OCTO box. My intension was to go for BnW , but as always went through colour and converted images into BnW.

All the best people are crazy

"All the best people are crazy" might be Sofia's motto for life. I choose an extra ordinary location for the shoot with @madam.Soph.  The Hembrugterrein is a former weapon and ammunition site, now converted in a cultural hotspot. On this rainy Sunday morning were not many people around, but despite the weather conditions we made a lot of images. And Sofia at her best.

les Fleurs de Trille

The ' fleur de Trille' is the national flower of Ontario, Canada. This beautiful , subtle, flower has 3 petals. Therefore Ali, Daria and Tyna, all 3 lived in Ontario, choose this as a title for their photoshoot together. I had the opportunity to work with them in a remoteshoot in a studio. 3 Very experienced models, with different appareance but blending perfect together. Before the shoot I had several contacts with Tyna, who was (more or less) in charge at the studio floor.

We worked only for an hour, but everything was efficient organised. So still a productive shoot and with wonderful results. We choose for simple windowlight and a white background. The 3 models worked smooth together and made it very easy to direct. All images are in Colour and Black and White. For me hard to decide what works better.


Le Chateau

Chateau de Courriere is a beautiful mansion style chateau Bury, in the South of Belgium. Once again I got the opportunity to shoot here. This location offers many opportunities for a shoot, beautiful rooms, the hall, the orangerie and the beautiful park. The model for this shoot was lovely Alyssia. images as always in colour and BnW

Art is a statement

Remote shoot with Naya Mamadova in an arty location in Moscow. Images are in colour and black and white. Asisted by Yuri Brut.

Nefertiti's Boudoir

Cheryl (@chiara elisabetta) and I know eachother for years. the last years , since Covid we made several Remote shoots. Cheryl is very creative in designs and styling. She is building the location. This time her friend Amanda is helping with the styling. The result is for me the boudoir of Nefertiti, the ancient Egyptian queen.

Boulevard of Beauty (part 2)

here are the results of the shoot with Natalia. we were shooting in the same rooms, like we did with Ilvy. So some images have similar backgrounds, the duo images we shot you see below in the other set.

Boulevard Beauty

last week i had my photo friend Randall Hobbet over. he was making an European phototour. He stayed with us for a few days. We planned a photoday in Antwerp at the wonderful hotel Boulevard Leopold. This place is for us both one of the most beautiful photo locations. about the model to invite there was no discussion. The beautiful, inspiring Ilvy Kokomo is for us both a favorite model. Both fotogs had a 1-1 shoot with Ilvy, to create great images. here are the results of my very productive shoot with Ilvy. The images make me very happy, the great location , beautiful daylight and the awesome Ilvy made my day. Second model at this day was Natalia (@Im_your_supergirl) You see the results of the shoot above. we also made some duo images.

Welkom op mijn website. je vindt hier mijn fotografie, vnl art-nude fotografie vanaf 2012. Veel van mijn werk bevat dus naaktbeelden.

Welcome at my website. You will find here my photography from 2012until now, several aspects of art-nude photography. Much of my work contains nudity.


Ben Ernst.