End of Summer

Some days youre so lucky: everything fits together. The time, the light, the outdoor location and ofcourse the model: Olive (@something.about.olives). The result: in my opinion a beautiful early morning series in nature.

Youth and Passion

Studio shoot with Ira (@Layla Passion) in my favorite Amsterdam daylight studio (studio 13). Ira and her friend stayed a couple of days at our place, so we got to know eachother better. I hope you can se this in the images. Ira is posing easily in a diversity of styles: from innocent girl to femme fatal.

Boulevard of Beauty

When you get the opportunity to shoot Ana (@anato-model) at Boulevard Leopold you are a lucky photog. The beauty of Ana, her modeling capacities, versatility and fun, in the wonderful rooms of Boulevard Leopold, give an amazing array of images. A productive afternoon.

Change of times

Fanny and I met at Duisburg, Landschaftpark DE, Germany. We had an early morning shoot in this huge, former industrial site, now converted in an industrial monument. 

It was quiet , early morning, no public. So we had time to shoot art nude, before more visitors came. The site is this huge, with so many options that makes it hard to choose. In my opinion Fannies flexibility perfect matches the raw materials of the location. The colour images show the beauty , the BnW the raw feeling of the location/

Sofia (@madame.soph)

Sofia and I had already contact for some time. When she traveled to NL, I was eager to work together. We went for a studio shoot in the large Fraai.studio, a studio with a lot of daylight. I had several special clothing and together with Sofia's diverse modelling styles we came to a load of ( in my opinion) amazing images. The first part will also be a chapter of my project: round square.


Ilvy and I know each other for a couple of years. Every shoot with her is wonderful. She always gives the best results. Ilvy is the model you want to work with: beautiful, professional, enthusiasm and something extra. After 2-3 years we finally met again. This time we shot in a studio in The Hague. I have so many images to show you. Enjoy like I did.

Its a hard, its a hard , its a hard rain

Studio shoot with wonderful, lovely, crazy Silvy at studio 13, Amsterdam. We started with some fashion work and were ending in a rainy session.

The duo, diverse, dynamic

This time a duo shoot with Olga (Lola sensual) and Anna( XLimonade). They both stayed with us for a couple of days, know each other well, were very easy going during the shoot. In the huge Fraai studio, with its wonderful possibilities to shoot in a diversity of styles, gave the possibilities for a diverse shoot. 

Clara, sun and beauty

Outdoor shoot with Clara (@Clararene_ ) during the costablanca event in April. Clara was on my bucket list for a long time, always wanted to work with her and now I got the opportunity. Outdoor, so play with light and shadow. With this great person(ality )it was hard to choose what images. So I made many edits in color and BnW, to cover Clara's versatility and to catch her special beauty.

Laetitia, ballet and flexibility

At the Cost blanca event I had the opportunity to shoot with Laetitia. She is famous about her beautiful ballet poses, flexible and acrobatic. Great body shapes and very professional. Laetitia is showing all her capabilities again.

Welkom op mijn website. je vindt hier mijn fotografie, vnl art-nude fotografie vanaf 2012. Veel van mijn werk bevat dus naaktbeelden.

Welcome at my website. You will find here my photography from 2012until now, several aspects of art-nude photography. Much of my work contains nudity.


Ben Ernst.