Lola in her atelier ( under construction)

This shoot is the perfect match: the beautiful, lovely Lola ( @mdlelola_) in this wonderful, location. the workspace was in a barn and garden of the little house we rented. I knew the possibilities this location is offering for a photoshoot. We had a chilly , but sunny morning to come to these results. Iam still editing , so more to come. Next to this , the old questioin what works better colour or BnW?

Ballet Beauty

Studio shoot with Dana , a beautiful ballerina with a professional background. See it in her elegant poses, loads of flexibility and natural beauty. It was a wonderful experience, hopefully I have a new opportunity to work with her soon.

From the USA with Love

Remote shoot with Kira Floofy and St. Merrique. the distance between our locations made it an early morning rise for the models and an evening shoot for me. I asked them to start in a vintage style: hair, make up and dresses. we had some technical problems starting, but we later made a lot of great shoot. For me the duo portraits were especially great. The difference in skin tones and body features made the sets wonderful

Sofia, the wonderful miss Soph.

Last year Sofia met for the first time. I knew her being bald (and also bold) but she had a very short hair cut. we had a great shoot. Sofia is very versatile. She changes easily in different styles: from Fashion to art nude, great portraits flexible poses. So when she came back again, and being bald again, I count wait to work together again. 

we went early morning to a small daylight studio, that appeared to have many possibilities. 

starting with the idea of strange headdresses, we ended up with great light and shadow portraits and colourful totals between plants. See the results below

Ana in Art deco

Ana and I met in Boulevard Leopold, one of our most beloved indoor locations. We were here before. Boulevard Leopold is a beautiful, small boutique hotel in the centre of Antwerp. The hotel is decorated in art deco style, that gives many options for a beautiful shoot. The beauty of Ana makes the shoot special.The images you see are mostly selected by Ana. We tried also a few different posing and editing styles

the results are shown in 3 parts, see below. editing is finished

Ana , part 2

ANA, part 3

Home Sweet Home

Ilvy (@ilvykokomo) rented this apartment as a shooting location. When I saw the images, I immediately got that vintage feeling. Ilvy and I know eachother for a couple of years now and we made several shoots together. She, with her beauty and personality brings the best results. In this series are several sets bringing back former days: Sleeping Beauty, Good housekeeping and the movie: Una giornata particulare. for me Ilvy is the new Sophia Loren in this set.

Welkom op mijn website. je vindt hier mijn fotografie, vnl art-nude fotografie vanaf 2012. Veel van mijn werk bevat dus naaktbeelden.

Welcome at my website. You will find here my photography from 2012until now, several aspects of art-nude photography. Much of my work contains nudity.


Ben Ernst.