Magnifique Magazine

remote magazine, Sept 2023 Issue

remote magazine, Jan 2023 Issue

In the Jan 2023 issue of remote Magazine, I published an editorial with Cheryl, @chiara.elisabetta. It was our third remote shoot. You see the full editorarial at my new work page. Cheryl is amazing to work with: great model, very creative, light technician, herself being a wonderful photographer. Always a pleasure to work together.

IoN magazine, August issue

In the August edition of IoN magazine a  double feature of my remote photograpy is published: 4 models at different outdoor locations all over the world. Models: Lucy art model, Poppyseeddancer, Ammaruta, Icelandicselkie ( see IG)

the link to the magazine: 





Nude issue#21 Landscape

A couple of my landscape nudes are published in the nude print issue #21, March 2021. See the link below. My editorial is from page 70. Very proud of being participants of thie art nude magazine.


Chateau Courriere

This chateau, not a castle with watchtowers, bridges etc, but a large mansion from around 200 years ago, is situated south of Brussels. A friend of us bought this chateau about 15 years ago and renovated, restyled and partly rebuild the chateau and lives here most of the year. 

Through the years we visited Bert in his chateau , first time was around 10 years ago. We stay here a few time a year and enjoy the tranquility of the mansion, beautiful rooms and vast gardens. The first time I performed a shoot here was in 2013. More or less once a year its possible for me to use the chateau as a backdrop for my model shoots. I mostly invite the models for 1 or more days.

In this photo editorial you see 10 models perform in a number of the rooms, greenhouse and garden.

Models: Fanny, Anna Catherine, Kata, Iris, Gaby, Ana, Lola, Miriam, Heidi, Riona.

You might also see my style changes through the years, however some ideas return more often.


Location: Chateau Courriere, Buy, Hainaut, Belgium. Btw its possible to book the chateau for (group) shoots and other events. Dreaming of models (FB) ( @dreamingofmodels at IG) is organising photo events in the chateau 

For the second publication , Feb 2021, see above

TOMMY Magazine

Tommy magazine, a 40 pages magazine, title: WATERFRONT , model Sylph Sia, shoot during my stay in Sydney November 2018. Available:

Model Society Magazine

Front and backcover of Issue 10. Also editorial inside

Photoshoot Awards 2020

3 images Finalist, 4 series/ images received a merit.

OPIUM RED Magazine

Editorial IN Opium RED Magazine, # April 2020 Issue, with Chiara Bianchino and Katia Martin

Kansha Magazine

Cover editorial , studio shoot in Prague with Vikencia (Prague)


Solstice Magazine (RAW issue)

Cover Editorial with Viktoria Yarovaya

Erotiq Magazine, Issue #1

Editorial with Viktoria Yarovaya


"Patterns in the sand", editoril in the September 2019 issue of Iom- Magazine. Thnx to Tom Durden ( drone photographer) and 5 models